Social liberal


Define murder. I don’t know. Is abortion murder? Is state-mandated execution for punishment (revenge) murder?


No law shall be made for pregnancy or against pregnancy; except related to health.

Fiscal moderate

Other than sales or use tax, no tax shall be issued against alcohol, firearms, marijuana or tobacco.

No sales or use tax shall exceed 9 percent in any Ohio jurisdiction.

The State of Ohio sales or use tax shall not exceed 4.5%.

Any Ohio county sales or use tax shall not exceed 1.5%.

Any additional sales or use tax in an Ohio sub-jurisdiction shall not exceed 3.0% combined.


Are corporations people? According to the Supreme Court, yes.

While, legally, corporations are people; to the best of my ability, I will never accept corporate money as a candidate. People are people. Corporations are companies with people. The corporation or the company IS NOT A PEOPLE. It’s not the first time the Supreme Court got it wrong; but it is the law of the land.

Published 2021/04/18 : Updated 2021/04/18